Best Deals from Cheap Hotels in Makkah

Best Deals from Cheap Hotels in Makkah

Are you looking for cheap hotels in Makkah during your Umrah pilgrimage ? You're sure to find plenty of budget hotels in holy city of Makkah, some of which are close to the Great Mosque of Mecca and the exalted haram shareef. It is important to note, however, that cheap isn't always best. It is best to define cheap as getting the best deal or getting the best room for cheap.

Here is how to get the best deals from cheap hotels in Makkah, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

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Best Deals from Cheap Hotels in Makkah

You are looking to book cheap hotels in Makkah, Saudi Arabia ? You'll find many budget hotels in Makkah - The holy city that is the centre of all pilgrimage for the Muslims of the world. Many of the budget hotels are close to the Grand Mosque. It is important to note, however, that cheap isn't always best. It is best to define cheap as getting the best deal or getting the best room for cheap.
How do you accomplish this?

Book a longer stay

If you're lucky enough to find one of the best-rated cheap hotels in Makkah, book your stay for a longer period. You may be able to negotiate lower rates with a longer stay.  In some areas, booking for 3 consecutive nights could get 1 more night free.
You should also consider hub travel. 

Rather than stay in one hotel for a couple of days and then book another that is 100 miles away, pick a middle point that is easily accessible by ground transportation. The hotel you pick will serve as the center of your hub.

This will save you from packing and unpacking for the entire duration of your holiday.

Book your stay during the off-season

You probably heard this many times before and following this tip is wise and useful. Most hotels offer big discounts during the off-season as a way to draw in travelers when business is slow and to recoup possible losses. Of course, this will only work in certain locations. However, if you're travelling in Makkah for the pilgrimage or Umrah, the season won’t matter. You just have to find ways to book a hotel room and save money at the same time.

Set discount alerts

Many online travel agents offer discounts frequently including . What are the odds of it being offered in holy city of Makkah? When these deals are triggered, make sure to investigate. It is also important to read the fine print carefully if you choose to book your stay at a discounted rate.

Join a loyalty club

To get the most out of cheap hotels in Makkah, join their loyalty club if available. This will involve staying in different hotels to find one brand that consistently satisfies your travel budget and expectations of comfort.

Once you do, ask about their loyalty club and become a member. This will give you access to room upgrades, lower costs, and other perks. If a hotel has other branches in other destinations, you can use your loyalty membership to enjoy the same perks and more. 

Be on the lookout for add-on fees

There are instances when the hotel room itself is cheap, but when you add in on-site parking, breakfast, in-room charges, and the like, the cost will quickly add up. It is best to pay for a price with inclusions you need than pay for them separately. Just to be safe, check if you can save more paying for an all-inclusive stay or pay only for the hotel room.
Remember these tips and you can get more out of the cheap hotels in Makkah, the holy city in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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