Accommodation at Cheap Hotels in Madinah

Accommodation at Cheap Hotels in Madinah

Travelling to the holy city of Madinah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for your Umrah pilgrimage ? Staying at cheap hotels in Madinah will already save you money. But you can still stretch your budget further if you know some magic tricks to save on accommodation. Here is How to Save More on Accommodation at Cheap Hotels in Madinah

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Accommodation at Cheap Hotels in Madinah

Staying at cheap hotels in holy city of Madinah during your Umrah pilgrimage will already save you money. But you can still stretch your budget further if you know some of the useful tricks to make a lot of savings on accommodation. Read on to know how to Save More on Accommodation at Cheap Hotels in Madinah, One of the holiest city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Keep your requirements moderate, after all you are on your Umrah pilgrimage. Since you’re likely to spend most of your time outside the hotel or inside Al-Masjid an-Nabawi for your prayers, opt for affordable yet comfortable rooms. Splurge on shopping for your loved ones waiting for you back home, local transportation or your meals instead. 

Book your stay outside of important dates or local holidays if possible. Unless you are travelling specifically for Hajj or during the month of Ramadan, it is best to book accommodation outside of these events. Madinah is less crowded then and hotel bookings could cost less. 

Be flexible with your travel dates. If you don’t have a strict schedule to follow or a festival you need to attend, travel off-season, the shoulder season, or those days when travel stays are cheaper. 

Book a business hotel. Remember keeping requirements moderate? Rather than stay in a resort, pick any of the cheap hotels in Madinah designed for business travel. Many of these hotels in metropolitan areas list cheaper hotel rooms, especially on the weekends. 

Book using your mobile phone. You’re likely to find special exclusive deals on booking apps than you would anywhere else. So try using a hotel’s app when you make a reservation and see if you can get a room for cheap. 

Book with the hotel directly. Travel booking sites offer cheap rates but do check what the hotel offers direct on its website and compare. Many properties often offer the cheapest rates direct on their site. 

Take advantage of best price guarantees. Hotels and booking websites offer best price guarantees to get more business, including ours. Make sure to take advantage of these to pocket in some extra money for your trip. 

Check out a new hotel. Hotels that are opening soon are likely to offer discounted rates. If not in their rooms with other offers, such as breakfast or in-room services. So even if there are no reviews or recommendations yet, give a new hotel a try. 

Look for cancelled hotel reservations. Some online sites serve as a middleman to resell rooms that have been paid in full but the guests have to cancel for some reason. These prepaid rooms are sold at discounted rates as high as 75%. What a great way to make cheap hotels in Madinah cheapest. 

Pay wisely. See if you will be able to save more with your accommodation if you pay by credit card or cash. More often than not, you will be charged additional fees when you use plastic. 

Book by price. If any cheap hotels in Madinah will do, provided it meets your budget, book accommodation based on price, rather than by property. This way, you know you’re getting the best deal, pricewise. 

Consider a Umrah package deal. Is it worth booking airfare, transport, assistance and hotel together? If it’s cheaper to book both as a package deal, go for it. Although flexibility is lacking with such a deal, you will be able to save on your accommodation. And that’s what really matters, anyway. 

So the next time you visit holy city of Madinah inshallah, make sure to follow these tips to save on your travel budget.

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