Top 10 things to do in Madinah during Umrah

Top 10 things to do in Madinah during Umrah


Are you planning on a trip to Madinah during Umrah and have already booked your Umrah package ? But how can you get the best of this city? Madinah is a wonderful city with many things to do, explore and see.

Here are some of the things you should definitely not miss on your Umrah trip to Madinah if you are looking forward to an extremely memorable journey to this amazing place…


Prophet's Mosque – Masjid Al-Nabawi


Things to do in Madinah


This extremely stunning mosque takes the second place when it comes to the holiest places in Islam with the first being Masjid al Haram. 

It is here that the Islam’s most revered Messenger, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is buried. It is marked by a beautiful green Dome that is considered to be one of the most beautiful domes in Islam. 

The beautiful umbrellas seem to be another signature mark of this mosque. A visit to the Prophet’s mosque lying in the heart of Madinah is a must. Your trip to Madinah is going to be incomplete without visiting this most important landmark of the place. 


The Quba Mosque

Quba Mosque is known to be the oldest mosque in Islam and stands among the 3 historically important mosques in Madinah. 

It’s high reverence and importance lies in the fact that it was founded by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on his way to Madinah from Mecca. 

Even though it is so old, it has a distinct beauty to it and what can be more beautiful than being built by the best man the world has ever seen. Still not convinced? Take a look at its pictures to instantly know why it is a must visit mosque!


Masjid al-Qiblatain

If architecture is your thing you will instantly fall in love with this mosque. It consists of a traditional design with minarets, twin domes and a raised prayer hall. 

What makes this mosque unique? Every mosque has a qibla that is the direction in which Muslims pray which is the Holy Kaaba in Mecca. However, at the time of this mosque the qibla pointed in the direction of Jerusalem. 

Then the revelation from Allah instructed the Muslims to pray in the direction of Kaaba after which all the mosques had to change their qiblas.


Mount Uhud

Uhud is a group of mountains 7 kilometers in length and 3 kilometers wide located in the northern side of the city and you can go there on foot. 

This mountain has significance in the history of Islam pertaining to the famous Battle of Uhud fought during the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). 

You will find street vendors selling different kinds of products and also little markets at this mountain. 

What you should NOT miss is climbing to the top of the mountain and giving your eyes a treat of an incredible view with a beautiful landscape surrounding it.


The best of restaurants

Do you have a taste for different kinds of food? This city will give you a huge variety of places to have your dinner and some must-try restaurants. 

Step into any restaurant and enjoy Arabic cuisine. Apart from Arabic cuisine, you can find many Pakistani and Indian restaurants plus some great western food chains spread throughout the city. 

Let your tongue revel in the taste it likes! 


Yanbu Beach

Now who doesn’t love beaches! 200km away from Madinah, you will find a beautiful green oasis by the name of Yanbu beach. The old town of Yanbu doesn’t only offer a beach but also a modern shopping tour. 

Are you into diving, snorkeling or other water sports? The coast is just perfect for your water sports interests. Don’t forget to see the coral reefs and aquatic life.

When you are done with the beach fun, do skim through Al Balad which includes new buildings and huge shopping malls. This old city is a treat to the eyes with traditional desert architecture and Bedouin buildings.


The Desert at Mada’in Saleh

Are you someone who deeply desired to visit a desert? Then don’t miss it this time! The desert at Mada’in Saleh is located south of Al Nafud. This is no doubt one of the most incredible sights that you will find in the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Leave your hotel early because you need time to drive to this place and explore the site. 

Want to know how this place got its name? According to the Holy Book of Quran, people of Thamud settled here after Prophet Noah. 

Thamudis are known for carving huge homes in the mountains, the remains of which you are likely to see here. Prophet Saleh was sent to these people and thus the name Mada’in Saleh but they didn’t listen to him and the place was struck by lightning blasts and an earth quake as a punishment. 


The malls of Madinah

Shopping malls might not even hit the chord in your mind in this historically religious city but Madinah is home to some of the finest malls in Saudi Arabia. 

You can spend your leisure afternoons in Al Hasan Mall, Al Rashid Mega Mall and Al Noor Mall and enjoy your stay. 

Are you someone who happens to be shopaholic? Madinah is just the place for you. You will never land home empty handed because of the huge variety of shops at your disposal. That’s for sure! 


The Old Bazaar

Break the monotony of visiting grand markets by visiting this Old Bazar. It is bound to give you a unique experience. 

This amazing Bazaar is located in one of the main streets of Madinah and you will probably find it pretty crowded. 

If you are out looking for souvenir, this is the best place to hunt them down apart from the typical Arabian products. 


The Archaeological Trail of Madinah

Is archaeology one of your major interests? Then let your eyes see what they have never seen before. 

All you have to do is go 400 km from Madinah and find the traces of ancient civilization that have huge marks in the history. Hedjaz railway is the first desert wonder where you can still notice pieces of locomotives and ruins of train station. 

Then move on to Al Ula where there is a castle and historic parts worth visiting and the mysterious historic constructions can be found right beneath Al Ula.