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AlUla City is a hidden jewel situated in the Al Madinah Province of Saudi Arabia. The city is abundant in history and culture that dates back centuries ago .... AlUla is also known for its unique landscapes and ruins that will take you back thousands of years, making it a must-see destination for travelers who are into culture, history, and natural beauty .... Explore the well-preserved ancient ruins, witness the Tantora Festival, or wander about its natural beauty. For this travel guide - AlUla City, the city is a fascinating destination that has something for everyone.

Introducing AlUla City 

AlUla City was once an important stop during the ancient incense trade route. Today, the city remained an important destination in the Kingdom because of its natural and stunning landscapes, and rich historical and cultural background. The city is also home to modern amenities, resorts, hotels, and landmarks that will give visitors the life of old and modern AlUla City.


Experiences and Tours in AlUla City

There are several tours and explorations that visitors can have while in AlUla City. Here are some of the travel guides - AlUla City in Al Madinah Province suggestions and the most popular:


  1. Take a tour of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hegra, home to several rock arts and inscriptions offering an insight into the daily life and beliefs of Nabateans, the people of ancient Arabia.
  2. Wander around the AlUla Old Town where visitors can explore the narrow streets, mud-brick buildings, an ancient mosque, and more to learn about the region’s culture and history.


AlUla City in Al Madihan Province offers a wide range of experiences for its visitors ranging from touring archeological sites to taking in the city’s natural beauty.


Best Things to See and Do in AlUla City

Being home to a UNESCO heritage site and some of the most fascinating natural wonders, AlUla City has some of the best things to see and do.


  1. The Elephant Rock: This unique rock formation is a stunning landmark best for hiking and nature viewing.
  2. Camel Ride: There is no better way to explore the desert than doing it the traditional way? Take a guided tour and experience the old way by riding on the back of a camel.
  3. Hot Air Balloon: Take a hot air balloon ride for a unique way of exploring and appreciating the desert landscape.
  4. Go Hiking: See up close the natural wonders, ancient rock art, and rock formations as you take the trek to some of the world’s most popular hiking trails.
  5. City Tour: Admire the beauty of the old AlUla town that showcases traditional houses and a vibrant marketplace where one can buy souvenirs and local crafts.


When to Visit AlUla City in Al Madinah Province

The most wonderful time to visit the city is from November to March when the temperatures are mild and comfortable. But if you want to enjoy its beauty with less crowd, the travel guide - Visit AlUla City recommends April to May and September to October.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q
    Where is AlUla located and what does it offer?

    AlUla is in the Al-Madinah province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is deep in the desert in the northwest of the country. AlUla is home to Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, ancient tombs that remain the legacy of 7,000 years of human civilization, stunning natural rock formations, canyons, and beautiful desert landscapes.

  • Q
    Is AlUla a safe place to visit?

    AlUla and in fact, Saudi Arabia as a country is a very safe country, with a welcoming culture and a very low crime rate.

  • Q
    What is the language spoken in AlUla?

    AlUla is located in the Al-Madinah province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The official language of Saudi Arabia is Arabic, but English is widely spoken in Saudi Arabia and in AlUla as well.  When greeting locals a friendly greeting is 'Marhaba' (hello) or 'Salaam Alaikum (peace be upon you).

  • Q
    What should I know about culture and religion in AlUla?

    Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage and traditions have been shaped by its position as a historic trade hub and the birthplace of Islam. In AlUla most people follow Islam at the same time the Kingdom has undergone a significant cultural transformation, evolving century-old customs to fit the contemporary world we live in today.

  • Q
    What is the climate or weather in AlUla, Saudi Arabia?

    Winters (During October and April), have the most pleasant temperatures ranging from 10–25C (45–70F). Nights are colder compared to the daytime, when traveling to AlUla, it is important to pack some warm clothing.

    May through September is hot and sees an increase in heat in this desert climate. Temperatures during this period range from 20–35C (60–95F). 
    The humidity in Al Ula is much lower than in other cities across the Arabian Peninsula, so expect a dry heat. Particularly for Al Ula please carry lip balm when travelling to this part of Saudi Arabia.

  • Q
    What are some tips for shopping and Currency exchange in AlUla?

    The local currency is Saudi Riyal (SAR). AlUla is a comparatively small place located in the Al-Madinah province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. While credit cards and contactless payment are widely accepted, some shops only accept cash – so it’s good to have some cash with you all the time. 
    There are several ATMs in AlUla, but there is no currency exchange; you must plan to exchange money at Riyadh or Jeddah airports after your arrival. 
    In Alula you will find some very interesting souvenirs, maps, and books shopping besides restaurants and eating joints, you must also be aware that during prayer timings some shops close briefly to allow time for worship.

  • Q
    How is Internet connectivity in AlUla and what kind of electronic connectors are required?

    There is fast internet in AlUla. Wi-Fi hotspots are located at most hotels, you will also find good cell phone and 5G coverage all around AlUla, however remote areas and deserts you will have little or no coverage. 
    For visitors coming from outside Saudi Arabia, it is recommended to purchase a local mobile SIM card once reaching AlUla, either from the STC store or another telecom store, and use the STC app. Visitors transiting through Jeddah or Riyadh airports are able to purchase a local SIM before arriving in AlUla.

    For electrical devices, AlUla uses the same power plugs and sockets as in the United Kingdom (Type G)

  • Q
    What are the festivals and holidays in AlUla?

    Saudi Arabia has a few special occasions and holidays. If you are planning to visit during festivals and holidays, it is good to be prepared. It is also important that you double-check the dates as most of them vary from year to year due to the lunar calendar.

    Ramadan: Ramadan is the month of fasting for Muslims from sunrise to sunset. Most restaurants are close during the day, however, hotels will offer dining options, and certain kiosks around the city offer takeaways. Everything is open for iftar (the evening meal) during which Muslims break their fast after Maghrib, or sunset prayer.

    Eid Al Fitr: Muslims celebrate Eid Al Fitr at the end of Ramadan. Eid Al Fitr in AlUla is a time for family and friends to come together and enjoy meals, celebrations, and many local activities. Most businesses are close and restaurants may have shorter operating hours during the first 3-5 days of the celebrations.

    Eid Al Adha: Eid Al Adha is celebrated by Muslims a day after the completion of the Hajj pilgrimage, Eid Al Adha falls on the tenth day in the final month of the Islamic or Lunar Calendar. As the dates of Hajj also vary slightly from year to year, so does the actual day of Eid Al Adha. Five days before and after Eid most businesses close and restaurants have shorter opening hours.

    Saudi National Day: This special 'Saudi National Day' is a celebration day of the unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is held annually on 23 September. All businesses close for this national holiday, however, the day is celebrated with many special events and activities around the country, including AlUla's Azimuth Festival.

    Saudi Founding Day: This public annual holiday takes place on 22 February and commemorates the foundation of the Saudi state in 1727 by Imam Mohammed bin Saud. Expect festivities across several days with the likes of parades, concerts, and other special celebrations.

  • Q
    What are the options for Flights for AlUla?

    The name of AlUla's airport is AlUla International Airport (Code: ULH). Both Saudia Airlines and Flydubai fly into and out of AlUla International Airport. The newly renovated airport is located approximately 35 km from the city center and it takes approximately 30 minutes by drive.

  • Q
    Are unmarried couples welcome to visit AlUla?

    Everyone is welcome to visit Saudi Arabia. Unmarried couples can book hotels and are able to share accommodation too. Women can also easily travel independently around AlUla.

  • Q
    Is alcohol available for consumption in AlUla?

    No. The sale, purchase, and consumption of alcohol are illegal in Saudi Arabia, and it is illegal to bring alcohol or drugs into the country from outside of the country too.

  • Q
    Are LGBT visitors welcome to visit AlUla?

    No visitor is asked for any personal details. Everyone is welcome to visit Saudi Arabia.

  • Q
    How much tipping is expected in AlUla?

    Offering a Tip is generally appreciated but it is not necessarily expected. You can leave some small changes or round the bill up.

  • Q
    How Should you dress in Public?

    The dress code depends on individual establishments, some require casual dressing, while others are keen on sophistication. Women travelers do not need to wear a headcover or an abaya as is the norm among local Saudis. If you are visiting places of worship, it is expected to be dressed modestly out of respect for the local traditions and culture.

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