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Antalya is a top tourist destination in Turkey. Known as the country’s tourism capital and one of its hidden gems, Antalya was often overlooked by tourists who want to enjoy the Mediterranean coast. But today, Antalya’s laidback vibe and beautiful tourist spots are making it a favorite among travelers who are looking for a new destination to enjoy some sun, sea, and good food. Even locals who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Istanbul head to Antalya, especially during the summer.

So, if you’re visiting Turkey soon, make sure that you include Antalya as one of your stops.

Introducing Antalya


Antalya is everything you could want in a dream holiday destination. Being located in the southern part of Turkey on the southwest coast of Anatolia, Antalya gives you some of the best beaches in this part of the world. But once you step into the city itself, you’ll also get to enjoy historical sites like no other. 


The best experiences and tours in Antalya


Are you planning to explore Antalya on your next trip? Here are some of the best tours that you should book:


  • Cable car, boat trip, and waterfalls full-day tour: If you only have a day to spend in Antalya, book the full-day tour that lets you enjoy some of the top attractions in the city. Here, you’ll get to experience Antalya’s old town, ride the Tunektepe Teleferik cable car, see the majestic Duden waterfalls, and just relax while riding a boat around the coast. 
  • Old Town guided tour: You can’t be in Antalya and not visit Old Town where you get to experience the city’s charm. On this tour, you’ll see top attractions like the Yivli Minare mosque, Hadrian’s Gate, and the Clock and Bramn Tower. The tour also includes a ride on the city’s cable car and boat, so you can fully appreciate Antalya from both land and sea.


The best things to see and do in Antalya


There’s no shortage of amazing things to do and experience during your trip to Antalya:


  • Visit the Antalya Museum. There’s no better place to learn about the history of Antalya and the rest of Turkey than the Antalya Museum, which houses exhibitions from different ages.
  • Admire the Yilvi Minare. One of the most popular landmarks in Antalya is the beautiful, fluted minaret that was built in the 13th century and has become its symbol. The mosque beside the minaret is still in use today and you’ll also find the Mawlawi Lodge Museum within the complex.


The best time to visit Antalya


Although you can visit Antalya all year round, the best time to explore the city is during spring, which runs from April to mid-June, and autumn, which runs from September to mid-October.  During these times, the weather is fair and the temperatures are ideal for exploring the city and trying different water activities like trekking and canoeing. So, are you ready to see the beauty of Antalya in Turkey? Use this guide when planning your trip.


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