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Amman is the vibrant capital city of Jordan, which is nestled in the heart of the Middle East. The city offers a captivating blend of ancient history and modernity. As you wander through its bustling streets, you will be enchanted by the city's rich heritage, seen in its ancient Roman ruins, Byzantine mosaics, and the iconic Citadel perched atop a hill.

Delve into Amman's vibrant culture by exploring its bustling markets, savoring delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, and immersing yourself in its lively arts and music scene. Amman promises an unforgettable experience for every traveler with its warm hospitality and a perfect base for exploring Jordan's incredible landmarks.

Introducing – Amman


The best experiences and tours in Amman   


Explore the highlights of Amman on guided city tours, such as the following.


  • Amman City Tour: Visit historical sites such as the Amman Citadel, where you can admire the ancient ruins and enjoy panoramic views of the city. The Roman Theater is a well-preserved amphitheater that dates back to the 2nd century A.D. Dive into the local culture by strolling through the vibrant markets of downtown Amman, known as the Al Balad area, and indulging in traditional Jordanian cuisine.
  • Jerash and Ajloun Castle Tour: Embark on a day trip to the ancient city of Jerash and the imposing Ajloun Castle. Jerash is one of the world's best-preserved Roman cities, boasting impressive ruins such as the Oval Plaza, Temple of Artemis, and Hadrian's Arch. Explore the archaeological site while learning about its fascinating history. Adjacent to Jerash is Ajloun Castle, a medieval fortress that offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.


The best things to see and do in Amman 


You simply can’t get enough of everything, so here are things you can do while in Amman.


  • Explore the Amman Citadel: The Amman Citadel is one of the city's most iconic landmarks, perched atop a hill overlooking downtown Amman. This ancient site is home to the ruins of numerous civilizations, including the Romans, Byzantines, and Umayyads. Visitors can explore the ancient ruins, including the Temple of Hercules and the Umayyad Palace while enjoying panoramic views of the city below.
  • Visit the Roman Theater: The Roman Theater is another of Amman's impressive ancient sites, dating back to the 2nd century AD. The well-preserved amphitheater is built into a hillside and can seat up to 6,000 people. Visitors can climb to the top of the theater to enjoy stunning views of the surrounding area.


The best time to visit Amman


The best time to visit the city is during the spring and fall seasons when the weather is mild and pleasant. The spring season, from March to May, is characterized by comfortable temperatures, blooming flowers, and a lush landscape.  The fall season, from September to November, also offers mild weather and beautiful scenery. During these seasons, you can comfortably explore the city's many attractions without being hindered by the scorching summer heat or the chilly winter temperatures.


If you're looking for warmer weather and want to enjoy outdoor activities, then the summer months from June to August are also a good time to visit. However, temperatures during these months can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius, so be sure to take precautions and stay hydrated if you plan on being outdoors for extended periods.

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