How much in advance should I book for a Umrah package ?

How much in advance should I book for a Umrah package ?

Planning in advance is highly recommended for Umrah travel, hundreds of thousands of muslims from all over the world travel to Mecca for Umrah throughout the year besides same number of travelers from within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and nearby countries.


Not only you make a lot of saving owning to advance bookings in airlines and hotels, you also get opportunity to choose the best of seats, convenient flight connections and location of hotels (Distance of your hotel from Masjid al-Haram or Kaaba sharif matters a lot and can make a lot of difference in your overall experience of Umrah).


Visa for Umrah is also a very important area during the planning of a Umrah travel, Umrah visa, like visa for any other country could be as easy or as difficult. It is also important to note that no agent is involved in the decision-making process for Umrah visa application and cannot influence the outcome of your visa application.


The embassy of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia takes the decision if to grant a visa or deny a visa. Umrah visa application generally takes a 4-5 working days to process but again embassy may take more time, you should ideally give 20 - 25 working days to be on safe side.


Planning Umrah travel in advance avoids last minutes hassles due to additional checks required, longer time taken by embassy to process visa, besides all the other booking in your Umrah packages have financial implications and planning in advance could save you a lot of money as well.