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All You Should Know about Umrah Packages | Umrah Guide

One of the most significant and sought after act of “ibadah” among Muslims is Umrah. This ritual can be performed anytime; any month during the whole year as the deen of Islam does not lay any restriction on performance on Umrah during any time of the year (though Saudi government allow individual performance of Umrah a couple of month before and after the Hujj).


Why you need to know about Umrah?


Thousands of Muslims from around the world visit Makkah in Saudi Arabia to fulfill their ritual of Umrah throughout the year (except for Hujj season).

Owing to the costs involved, it may not be possible for every Muslim to perform Umrah many times in his or her life. For many pilgrims this might be once in a lifetime opportunity. Therefore it is advisable to be well informed about performance of Umrah, once you are selected for this sacred performance.

If you are not familiar with all those situations that you can encounter during performance of Umrah then there is a decent chance that you would face problems in performance of Umrah. There would be many aspects tht you would need to understand like travel guide, hotels stay, transportation services and other necessities which one should know prior to planning an Umrah.

A lack of basic understanding about these aspects can make Umrah challenging and difficult for you.


Things you need to know about Umrah Packages


Are you Worried or simply Concerned because you are planning to go for Umrah?. You don’t have to be worried because we offer different Umrah packages to facilitate our customers.

Our professionals Umrah consultants take care of the visas, hotels, logistics, transportation, arrival, food, departure and almost every other aspect in an Umrah package deal. Where a personally arranged Umrah can prove to be difficult, these travel make it simple and easier for you. They would look after all the administrative requirements of your Umrah.

That is the easiest mode to perform your Umrah, all one must need to do is to select an Umrah package suitable for your individual prferences and make timely reservations.


Some basic information and tips about Umrah Packages


To perform Umrah, many travel agents offer different packages to facilitate their customers. Most people find these Umrah packages very attractive because these packages help them to travel with ease. These travel packages save people from number of glitches like hotel reservation, food, transportation, and attaining visas which could otherwise become a nightmare owing to procedural complications.

There are number of travel agents which offer different Umrah packages. However, before opting for any travel agent you need to check the authenticity of the travel company. We recommend to investigate about the organization and agent before choosing any Umrah package.

The best way to choose Umrah travel package is to do a little survey and a research regarding the company’s authenticity. You can check out their reviews and get in touch with those people for real to enquire their experience with a certain travel agency. You can find different agencies via internet. They offer different Umrah packages, ponder only upon those travel organizations and agents which prove out to be reliable in offering Umrah travel packages. Otherwise, you can even go about asking your social circle about their recommendations and especially of those who have been for Umrah before utilizing a certain Umrah package.

Once you are done with the research regarding Umrah agency credibility, you can plan Umrah without any difficulty. For your convenience, here is some of the information regarding different Umrah packages which you likely to find on offer. Choose that best suits you within your budget and time duration. There are different travel packages from most comfortable (but expensive) to very economical ones (cheaper in rates).

The entire package generally comprises of

  • Visa processing
  • Air fare
  • Transportation while in Saudi Arabia
  • Facilitation by the travel agency
  • Visit to historical sites in Makkah and Madinah
  • Educational reading material in English, your local language and Arabic (Presented on demand)


Besides the general Umrah packages, they provide customized packages for families and individuals as well as private groups.


The packages are generally categorized into:

  • Budget Umrah travel package
  • Group Umrah travel package
  • Deluxe Umrah travel package
  • Ramadan Umrah Travel Packages


Which Umrah Package to opt for?


If you are planning an Umrah but low on budget, then the Budget Umrah travel packages are designed to make things easy and within your reach at affordable prices but with lesser luxurious facilities of food, travelling and hotel stay.

For any reason, if you want to perform Umrah in the security of a group then group package is just meant for you. You do not need to worry. The group package offers a range of group Umrah travel packages which acknowledges the necessity of group of travelers for performing Umrah with ease.

If finances and money is not a concern and you want to perform your with most comfortable facilities then Deluxe Umrah travel packages are designed to cater for your needs . These packages comprise of a stay in 4 - 5 Star hotels in Saudi Arabia, quality food and luxurious travelling.


What benefits you acquire from Umrah Packages


Choosing from one of these packages you can make most of your Umrah, since you do not have to waste your time in making reservations and worrying about food or any other administrative arrangements. Your travel agency would take care of all these aspects.

All you have to do during your Umrah is to indulge only in IBADAH. Since it is a minor pilgrimage and only certain rituals are to be performed which is, whoever enters the Mi’qaat (boundary of the Holy Land) has to perform Umrah which includes Tawaaf (seven circumambulation around the Holy Kabah) and Sa’i (seven times between Mount Safa and Murwa).

Your only aim during the Umrah should be to please ALLAH. Here these packages offer you to invest all of your time only towards the IBADAH.

Shad Siddiqui

A seasoned Tourism & Travel business professional with +20 years of significant experience, Shad has traveled extensively around the globe Especially Far East, China, the Middle East, Africa, the United States, and Europe. He is currently working with La Vacanza Travel, New Delhi